My current research aims to develop a philosophy of dance that takes into account the specific characteristics of this art form, in order to avoid transferring categories developed on the basis of the visual arts or music to the art of dance and choreography. In particular, my research is guided by the eclectic training and collaborative creation of choreographic material characteristic of contemporary dance forms, rather than focusing, as has been common in the philosophy of dance, on classical ballet and modern dance. In view of the creative role of the contemporary dancer, I consider the contribution of her know-how and skills to the aesthetic qualities of the dance work. This means, further, that the aesthetic experience of dance is explored from the perspective of the performer as well as of the spectator. I draw on my own experience as a dancer and co-researcher in artistic research projects.

Another research field is feminist philosophy, more precisely feminist phenomenology and epistemology on the one hand, on the other the ontology of gender. I have written on Judith Butler’s reading of Merleau-Ponty and on Beauvoir’s ethical reading of Marquis de Sade. Issues of social construction and gender identity are other ongoing research interests of mine.

My dissertation examined Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy of meaning in the phenomenological sense and its relation to expression as the taking up of this meaning in linguistic and artistic expression. I argued that the question of language and expression was of fundamental importance for Merleau-Ponty from the very beginning, in that it was intrinsically related to the overcoming of what he called “objective thought”: the thinking he saw as the fossilized remains of positivism, which had lost sight of the sensuous and cultural meanings of the lifeworld. Against this background, I explored Merleau-Ponty’s relation to the empirical sciences on the one hand, and to art on the other. My thesis is available here.

Another research area of interest is the relation between phenomenology and linguistics, in particular Saussure’s linguistics. I have written on Merleau-Ponty’s reading of Saussure and on the notion of creativity in relation to both thinkers. Moreover, I have written essays on the philosophy of translation (in Swedish).