I have taught a great variety of courses at a number of institutions, and at all levels from introductory courses and courses for non-philosophers (art students, choreography students, dancers, prospective psychotherapists, and more) to doctoral students.

The topics of my courses range from epistemology, phenomenology, hermeneutics, ethics, aesthetics, the history of philosophy (both theoretical and practical), philosophy of science, philosophy of cognitive science, feminist epistemology, research ethics, research methodology, analytic philosophy, and logic, to the history of pedagogy and philosophy of medicine, among other topics.

My experiences as a publisher’s editor, reader, and literary translator have contributed in important ways to my skills in supervising students’ papers and helping them construct their arguments. I am very committed to my students and their learning processes and often feel that I learn as much from my students as I teach them. This also means that my teaching, my research, and my work as a translator are closely connected.